Crane Inspection in Europe by Mevas

Crane Inspections in United Kingdom and Ireland

If you intend to purchase a used mobile crane from UK or Ireland we can support with an independent inspection service. Mevas is the largest independent service provider for used machinery inspections in Europe. With a team of well-trained inspectors we examinate the condition of used crawler cranes, all-terrain-cranes and mobile cranes.


German Experts for inspection of all kind of used cranes all over in Europe. Call us today +49 352 063 9150

Affordable Service Fee

Our team of machinery inspectors is available in many countries in Europe. Our local inspectors from the United Kingdom cover the whole country and Ireland as well. Since we have a large network of technicians we are able to offer the service for reasonable fee. Usually we can compete with SGS or TÜV. With the problems we list in our report the buyer can easily negotiatre a better price. This way or bill is paid by the seller.


Do we know about cranes?

Since 2006 the Mevas team has inspected more than 220 used cranes allover in Europe. Over the years we gained a lot of knowledge about used cranes. Experiences technicans know where to look at. Our team does not fear dirty hands and collars. We know how to measure swing bearing play. We have a good eye to find all the little and larger problems. We inspect used cranes up to 250ton lift capacity.


Inspection Report

Mevas crane reports are detailed inspection checklist with all important details such as chassis, boom, drive train, lift ropes, winches, LMB etc. Each machine item is listed and will get a condition rating, either good or a comment.This way the buyer can evaluate the risk with a used crane from home without being on inspection site. Get in touch with Mevas for a specific offer and a sample report. By the way, we also have crane inspectors available for the United Kingdom, Poland and Spain.